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Mosteiro de São Dinis e São Bernardo
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Founded by King Dinis, in the late 13th century, (1295), the Quinta de Vale de Flores in Odivelas, was built between 1295 and 1305. According to legend, in fulfillment of a promise by the salvation of your life in a fight with a bear. The monastery was donated to nuns Bernard of the Cistercian order. Primitive Gothic style, the monastery has undergone significant changes in the reigns of King John IV (1604-1656) and King John V (1689-1750), but the reconstruction was carried out after the earthquake of 1755 which deeply altered the primitive moth of the building. Gothic style only the head of the Church, consisting of the main Chapel and two side chapels. Inside the Gothic tombs: the d. Dinis (first Portuguese example that introduces the monumentality in Portuguese tumulária. Date of the 21st century. XIV and is one of the most beautiful monuments of Portuguese Gothic), and another assigned to a your descendant. The monastery has two cloisters: the new and the da Moura, this with a source. XVII.

In 1888 following the Decree of 1834 (extinction of religious orders), and the law of 1862 ("desamortización" of the assets of the nuns), the monastery of Saint Denis and s. Bernardo closed definitely. In the year 1900, the Infante Afonso, brother of King d. Carlos, founded the Instituto de Odivelas, dependent education establishment of staff of the army.

National Monument by Decree of 16/06/1910.

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Tempos Livres, Destaque, Essencial, Património Religioso
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